Thabo Setloboko (CEO) has both academic qualification and experience in risk management and internal audit in the financial sector. His experience is indispensable in the strategic business management of the business. Thabo Setloboko has exposure in the compliance, operations and other areas of strategic insight in business operating models, forecasting.

Thamsanqa Ngqalo (MD) has academic qualification in Electrical Engineering and he is part of the operational side of the business. He has proved his eagerness to approach engineering with insights that defy stereotypical views about mainstream engineering, as evidenced with the project initiatives of the Company.



  • Promote economic growth and improve energy security
  • Reduce energy costs for families and business
  • Develop and execute sustainable energy products
  • Invest in technical solutions that have a positive impact on energy consumption
  • Promote applications in engineering designs through innovation.



    NERETS is an innovation business that differentiates itself through innovative engineering ideas and solutions to individuals, private and public companies. The company is managed by individuals with diverse skills and experiences.


    An opportunity has been identified by NERETS in the electricity industry where there is a shortage of convenient energy in the face of high electricity demand. NERETS will expand based on other opportunities that may arise in the industry and other field of interest.



The mission statement of NERETS is to contribute to less carbon footprint through innovation. The growth plan of the company is to focus on all sectors, both in metropolitan and rural areas as the demand exists due to more households require electricity. NERETS will seize all opportunities in the market through shared vision of making life better for all.


South African Bureau of Standards

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